Unit 2 sociology revision

For example, a group of people working to restore an old community centre could also be called a 'gang'. Nov 17,AQA Gcse PsychologyMemory 0 Comments The interference explanation for forgetting has two models which are proactive interference and retroactive interference.

It is particularly useful for criminals who have recently been released back into society. However it could be argued that whilst we see the ethnic minorities are relatively deprived, even in comparison to other people who are deprived and they are mostly in the working classes the extent of their victimisation is covered up by the police, by the state and by the official statistics, the people which are meant to protect and serve the public.

Three forms of encoding are used which are acoustic, visual and semantic. Cultural deprivation theorists see three factors as responsible for working-class under-achievement; a lack of intellectual stimulation, the restricted speech code and working-class subculture.

Sociology of Education Quiz

Neo-Marxist sociologists like Hall et al might argue that ethnic minority crime is vastly over played in an attempt to get the working classes and other social classes in society to turn against them and forget that the ruling classes are oppressing them. This includes books, magazines, newspaper clippings, electronic sources etc….

Lack of discipline in schools, mass media glamorising drugs, lack of respect and trust in police, peer pressure, mass media causing greed through advertising. The victim has a chance to say how the crime has influenced their life.

A2 Sociology- Media Unit 3 (AQA)

Pluralists The audience is the most important influence on the media. However, recent statistics suggest that the number of female offenders is increasing. By saying black people commit more crime more of the countries attention will be on black people and their crime and so attention will be diverted off of the oppression they face on a daily basis from the higher classes.

AS Unit 2 – Education

This paper seeks to examine: This is called relative deprivation. Sociologists - Claim that people are driven by forces beyond their control and that social forces carry more weight than natural behaviour or psychological explanations.

Although it could be argued that even though the ruling classes may not be as prevelant as they were before, they still exist and they still have the power to influence stereotypes and make police arrest them more than white people. They believe the nuclear family is crucial to society.

Manipulated photos stereotyping Gender and the media Feminists believe that the media often portray men and women in very traditional roles; which reinforce sexists stereotypes. Advantages of victim surveys: Government Sources Central Statistical Office.

Hypodermic theory - Audiences are passive so are therefore directly effected by the media output. It can be hard to control as it is difficult to tell who was responsible as it could even be global. This led to police crackdowns.

If we take a real life example we can see that a white family in america with an adopted black son called the police because they had been robbed and the burglur was still in the house. The age group of this sample population ranged from 18 — 60 years.

Speakers spell out thier meanings and dont just assume the listener understand what they are saying.

Unit 1 – Education with Methods in Context

The victim has a chance to say how the crime has influenced their life. The media owners have the most important inflluence. Guaranteed confidentiality for the respondents c. Unit 1 focuses on perception and dreaming while unit 2 focuses on social and biological psychological Another criticism would be to say that today where there seems to be less oppression from the higher classes and where there seems to be less control from the ruling class and more oppertunities, why is there still an increase in black or ethnic minority crime than that of white crime.

Sociology Revision- Unit 2

Description Be ready for your GCSE exam with this all-in-one AQA Sociology revision guide and practice workbook. Written by an experienced examiner, this book allows students to test their knowledge, check their answers and achieve excellent results.

sociology revision cards in a level and ib, home > a level and ib > sociology > g ocr sociology and difference with research methods ocr a2 g june exploring social inequality. Essay Questions & Answers: CAPE Sociology Unit 1. K likes. This page is to introduce you to a new book for CAPE Sociology Students that will be in.

Click here to download our 12 lesson Introduction Unit for GCSE Sociology. A Level psychology & GCSE psychology revision resources for the latest AQA, OCR, EdExcel & WJEC specifications - Self-teach yourself A level/GCSE psychology Revision Guru. Welcome to thesanfranista.com! Unit 1 focuses on perception and dreaming while unit 2 focuses on social and biological psychological OCR GCSE Psychology Revision.

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Unit 2 sociology revision
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