Local government at pompeii

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Where is Pompeii?

It was their job to ensure the implementation of the resolutions passed by what we can call the 'town council ordo decurionum which was made up of members, elected every five years according to their status in terms Of wealth and acknowledged honours.

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A rain of ash fell, causing Pliny to shake it off periodically to avoid being buried. Indian art also found its way into Pompeii, within the context of Indo-Roman trade: These grains, along with wine and olive oil, were produced in abundance for export to other regions.

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Description POMPEII, SORRENTO and AMALFI COAST TOUR. (Click Here for more photos of Pompeii)POMPEII. One of the most visited places in Italy is the archaeological site of Pompeii, the prosperous ancient Roman town that froze in time buried in volcanic mud when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD.

You will have the unique opportunity to walk in the footsteps of the ancient locals who once. This kept Pompeii in line with the Roman government and therefore the Ordo Decurionem, has parallels with the capital.

WHAT WAS THE ORDO DECURIONEM? The Ordo Decurionem was the Pompeian local government, it was formed of worthy officials and councilors and these were appointed by the people of Pompeii by public election. The Pompano’s government was a democratic system - Local government at Pompeii introduction.

Citizens voted in their members. There were four levels of government- Electoral assembly (comity), town council (curia), chief magistrates (dumpier) and magistrates (audiles). These parties “ere elected in through different means and for.

It is an interesting detail that recent analysis of the human bones found in Pompeii by Dr.

Ancient Pompeii’s Society & Social Structure

Estelle Lazer tell us a fair amount about the population of the time. Foreigners could take local residence and patronage of a local nobleman.

Essay Example: Local government at Pompeii

Likely arrived via maritime trade routes.

Local government at pompeii
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Local elections in Pompeii