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Editorial Luis Vives,pp. Add to Cart About His Only Son The unlikely hero of His Only Son, Bonifacio Reyes, is a romantic and a flautist by vocation—and a failed clerk and kept husband by necessity—who dreams of a novelesque life.

Even though most critics consider it as a lesser novel in comparison with La Regenta, it is equal to the former in the skill with which the technical resources are used.

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He folded his arms and entered the darkened yard. Baquero Escudero updated bibliography and notes to the introduction. The depiction of this priest is a key part of the book. Whenever she found herself paired with a companion, attached to the yoke, she bowed her will to what was alien to her, and hour after hour found her with neck bent, head twisted, in an uncomfortable position, on her feet while her yokemate slept on the ground.

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Bonifacio craves, more than anything in life, to have peace and quiet in his house. It is also at this point that Emma finds out that she is pregnant. At this point in the story Alas ramps up the comedy as Bonifacio and Emma engage in an elaborate game of cat and mouse.

Epilogue, by Maarten Steenmeijer. On all fours for hours upon hours, an expert in pastures, she knew how to make use of her time. It is a long work, similar to Flaubert's Madame Bovary, one of its influences.

Like a grandmother, she took part in the games of the shepherd boys given the task of taking her to pasture.

The creature, blind and as if crazed, bumping against everything, ran to the shelter of the mother, who lodged him under her belly and turned her grateful, diligent head, saying in her way: Based on Salvat ed. On the other hand, the downfall of the provincial lady has a place amidst two very diverse suitors: He died in Oviedo at the age of forty-nine.

Ag2 Jhering, Rudolf von, La lucha por el derecho 1: La Voz de Asturias O In the rapid vibrations, like moans, she thought she heard, very far off, the voice that sobbed on the line ahead of her: Emma never asked him about his interests nor about the time they filled, which was most of the day.

And later, the eternal afternoons of sweet, sad silence in the same field, until night fell, its evening brilliance silent witness at the heights.

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BHS Liverpool61Rosa, less audacious but more taken with the idea of the unknown, was content to bring an ear close to the telegraph pole.

SZ, May— But he never managed to touch the porcelain at the top, which reminded him of the small cups he had seen at the parish house in Puao.

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In a closed wagon, in narrow, high windows or air vents, the twins glimpsed the heads of cows that peered, bewildered, through the openings. Unannotated; rpts 1st ed.

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Her peace had only been disturbed on the inauguration of the railway. The locomotive whistled in the distance and then the train passed along the cutting in a flash. Tebas,pp. See also B—33 and B, but erroneously dated and 2. The subject-matter of La Regenta, the life of a shabby Spanish provincial town in the late nineteenth century, might make it seem dated and parochial.

The second section conducts a detailed analysis of how the illustrations might be read alongside the text. Praise “His Only Son is the most intense, the most refined, the most intellectual, and the most sensual novel that nineteenth-century Spanish literature has produced.” —Azorín “When I read His Only Son and Doña Berta, I was bowled over by the audacity of the plots, by the diverse cast of characters, and by Alas’s ability to be entirely engaged.

La Regenta By Leopoldo Alas Introduction by John Rutherford Translated by John Rutherford By Leopoldo Alas Introduction by John Rutherford Translated by John Rutherford. La Regenta is a compelling and witty depiction of the complacent and frivolous world of upper-class society.

Leopoldo Alas, La Regenta The cover painting on my Penguin edition is an early Picasso: rather striking In his first posts on this huge novel, first published in Spain inand which I read in the John Rutherford translation in Penguin Classics, Tom at Wuthering Heights summarised the plot and began some thoughts about its structure, theme.

This is the biography page for Leopoldo Alas. Spanish realist () best known for the novel _La regenta_. Alas is also known as Clarín. Aug 23,  · La Regenta by Leopoldo Alas: introduction Statue of Ana Ozores, (La Regenta) Located in the plaza of the Cathedral of San Salvador, Oviedo, Spain Picture source.

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2 comments: Richard said Looking forward to this series of posts, Dwight. Funny to hear about that "judge's wife" translation--it's. 'Benedictino' by Leopoldo Alas is a digital EPUB ebook for direct download to PC, Mac, Notebook, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, eReader - but not for Kindle.

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Leopoldo Alas (Author of La Regenta)